Aubrey is a 15'1 hand, chestnut Quarter Horse from Texas. She received extensive Western Pleasure training (think low & slow) and later competed at Quarter Horse Congress. Once back in Texas, Aubrey became a broodmare out in pasture (she is Trixie's mom) but she remembers all of her training! Although she has her Western Pleasure roots, Aubrey has a little bit of 'go' in her! Because of this, all riders at any level love riding her!




Coltin is the barn stunner with his dark coat and baby blue eyes! Although he belongs to Katie Thomas, he loves going on trail and occasionally giving lessons. Some may say that he's a little bouncy under saddle, but he always tries his hardest and loves to work! 

** Coltin will love you even more if you sneak him carrots and Alfalfa!




Savannah is a 15' hand, chestnut National Show Horse. She is hands down our best lesson horse! She can take any level of rider, any age and loves going on trail. She has extensive training in both English and Western riding, along with some basic dressage. She is always willing, very patient and is the favorite of all of her riders. Her only pet peeve is horses that get too close to her - she feels very strongly about her personal space!



Strawberry is a 14'3 hand, chestnut Arabian. She is cute as can be and is as sweet as her name! Berry is relatively new in the program so she currently is in full training with the Katies' and will be integrated slowly into the program. She loves to move out and has some speed to her - however, she always listens and wants to please her rider. Strawberry has phenomenal ground skills and loves to be brushed and lunged!



Lil P is a 15'2 hand, chestnut Quarter Horse. She belongs to Katie Worland but occasionally will give lessons and go on trail. P loves to take her time and stop to smell the roses! Because of this, she is perfect for new beginners who want to learn the basics at the walk/trot. We call her 'old faithful' because she consistently delivers and remains calm & steady. 



Elvis is a 15' hand, bay Paint Horse. He is on loan to the program from his dad, David. Elvis requires a confident rider that understands him. He picks his people and once he does, he absolutely loves them! We can never guess who he will like (it's not based on riding ability) but he's such a good boy that we don't question his method!



Easton is a 16' hand, chestnut Paint Horse. He is a horse that has been misunderstood most of his life - his humans haven't always listened to him or allowed him to express his opinions. Because of this, Easton requires a gentle rider that doesn't put too much pressure on him. He is a fully finished horse and he loves a nice relaxing ride in the arena or out on trail. With his super smooth gaits, Easton excels at teaching new riders how to post and learn the basics. 

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