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We are mostly a 'Western' program, meaning that most of our students ride in a Western saddle. However, we do have many students that ride English as well. What we teach is applicable to both English and Western riding and riders learn the basics for both types of riding. We do require that all beginners start in a Western saddle for safety reasons - the horn allows them to gain their balance. Students learn to tack up each lesson so that they eventually will be able to get ready on their own. 

Please note, we don't offer any high impact/speed lessons (no jumping, barrel racing, reining or pole bending etc). If a student would like to go in that direction, we can put the basics on and then refer them to another program that offers these activities.

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Instructors each have at least 15 years of riding experience - along with a minimum of five years teaching experience. They all have their own horses, have show backgrounds and enjoy teaching Western as well as English. They formerly started and ran a successful lesson program in Rancho Penasquitos the past eight years. 



At the risk of sounding like a waiver/release, horses are prey animals so their reaction when exposed to danger (real or perceived) is to run first, think later. Additionally, some horses are strong willed and highly opinionated. Because of this, riding and spending time with horses can be dangerous. At Apollo Equestrian, we take many precautions to remain one step ahead and prevent accidents before they happen. All riding students must wear helmets.


After all, what would a riding school be without them? Just as we don't hit it off with every person we meet, different people click with different horses. We spent a considerable amount of time, money and efforts hunting down a truly diverse herd of horses - ranging from Arabians, Paints and Quarter Horses. Some are forward, move easily off the leg and are all about the fun. Others are calm and kind, taking care of the more timid riders. With that said, they all have something in common - they are safe, sane, sound and all make our hearts beat a little faster. 


If you're like the majority of our students, you and your family have a million things on your plate. Fortunately, our facility features an enormous arena equipped with night lights - enabling us to offer evening rides in addition to the weekend, morning and the conventional after school slots. We are also more accommodating than the typical riding school when it comes to make up lessons. 


At Apollo Equestrian, we believe in the 90% positive, 10% negative ratio when it comes to feedback. We believe that you should work through one problem at a time. Rather than telling you what not to do, we will tell you what you could do better and introduce you to a multitude of exercises aimed at improving your skills. 


We encourage our students to explore a variety of disciplines - English and Western - before zooming in on the ones of their liking. We enjoy all types of riding, although we each have specialty areas where we take lessons of our own and or/show. We also like to break things up with trail rides, bareback and other just-for-fun activities thrown into the mix! 

Welcome to Apollo Equestrian!

We offer the finest horsemanship education for all riding levels and ages. 
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